How to Activate my Cash App Card?

Activate my Cash App Card

The e-banking system is progressing furiously, along with credit and debit cards becoming famous and popular. In today’s world no individuals like to pay or earn from cash. Everyone wants online banking and card facility in doing their payments. People find it more convenient because they do not need to make space in their wallets for cash, so the “Activate My Cash App Card facilitates” people in this manner.

Cash App Card

It is a debit card that is introduced by Cash App and it is linked with your Cash App amount. The card is produced by Sutton Bank, and it does not depend on any other account for its functioning. People of any age can use this card facility anywhere like for shopping and other payments.

Moreover, it is a prepaid debit card that means it is not linked to any other account. You need to attach your bank account with a Cash Card because whenever you need to refill your cash card you require another account to refill it.

In addition, when you want to purchase anything from a cash app, this card will help you in doing this. People around the world are buying bitcoins from cash cards, as it is a great way for investing money. When someone wants to withdraw their money from a cash card, they can utilize their other bank accounts for this payment.

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How to Activate my Cash App Card?

There are two methods to activate your cash card. You can either activate it on your smartphone or on your pc. The activation relies on you how you feel comfortable.

On Smartphone

  • Open cash app on your device
  • Click on the cash card icon on home screen in your left corner
  • Click on Activate Cash Card
  • Grant permission to your camera
  • Scan QR code
  • After successful scanning, now you are ready to use cash card

On iOS

  • Cash App is accessible to both Android and iOS.
  • Open app on iOS system
  • Tap on “activate cash card”
  • Select on “Use CVV instead”
  • Enter details of your card
  • After that, tap on “Activate Card”
  • After successful activation you can use card


Here is a prohibition, that you can only send or receive money but cannot use a card on pc. Activation of cards cannot take place on pc. There is no way to use a card without a smartphone. Whether you have a cash app installed on your computer, it would not help you in the card system of the cash app. Cash App card is only accessible to android and iOS devices. In pc, you can sign in to a cash app only if there is any problem in signing in from the phone.

Final Words

Cash App is an amazing app to use that you can connect with a debit card or credit card. It can be activated in just seconds and you can have access to a cash app card. After that you can use this card as a debit card regularly.

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