How to Delete Cash App History?

Delete Cash App History

If you are searching for how to delete data from the cash app then you must know that it is not possible to delete cash app history. Because of security concerns, you are not able to delete history from the cash app. But if you want to do so then you have to delete your account thoroughly that you have on the cash app.

Moreover, when you see the ‘privacy and security’ tab in the cash app, you will see that there is no such option for deleting the history. You will only see two options there one of changing the pin lock and the other is Cash Tag discoverable. But there is no way to delete the history. This straightforwardly indicates that you cannot delete history from the cash app in any way.

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Delete History on Cash App

There is no way to delete cash app history from the application because of security rules. This app does not enable you to hide or delete its history in any way. But if you want to delete all your transactions from history then you have to delete your account completely and have to make a new account. After this, you will not see your history again.

In addition, you can change your security pin time-to-time to save your history and account from anyone. Make sure that you never go for fake schemes. But if you trust them then you may lose your confidential information and money as well. So be careful of all these scammers trying to scam you.

Steps to close your Cash App History  

Steps that you need to follow while closing your cash app history are:

  • Go to your “Cash App” account
  • Open the “profile icon”
  • Go down and tap on “support” 
  • Again, scroll down and go to “something else”
  • Go to “Account Settings”
  • Tap the “Close Account” tab  
  • Enter the ‘confirm’ button in green color

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Remove Cash App History 

If you are willing to delete your account from the cash app then you should first go for customer support.

  • Go to the cash app on your smartphone
  • Click on the Profile icon and see above in the right corner
  • Go down and open support
  • Go to something else
  • Go down, select Account Settings
  • Tap on delete your personal information option
  • Go to the contact customer support tab
  • Here you will be directed to a window where you can speak to the customer support centre

Final Words

Hopefully, this write-up is helpful for you in searching for the answer to your question about how to del your cash app old data. In short, there is no way to get rid of your history from the cash app. You can delete your account entirely to get rid of this history. For any query ask us in the comment box.

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