Granny 2 Mod Apk v1.1.9 (Dumb Monster) Free For Android 2023

Granny 2 Mod Apk

The haunted movies, dramas, and stories are very famous. Granny 2 mod apk will introduce you to some haunted games. From now horror games are also very popular among people. So, this mod apk has used a very different mechanism. That is a pretty unusual one. In this new version, you will be haunted by the grandmother and grandfather.

However, they are not very good at hearing sensations. Those elders can capture you and can cripple you as well. You have to escape from that place. Your main duty is to plan everything silently and intelligently. Players have to protect his/her life from the dangerous couple. Millions of people are having this game.

Granny 2 Mod Apk

Apk Name Granny 2
Package com.dvloper.grannychaptertwo
Developer DVloper
Size 88Mb
Version 1.1.9
Category Action
Mode Single Player
Mod Features Dumb Monster
Android Requirement 4.4
Last Updated Mar 6, 2023

Granny 2 Gameplay

You are anxious to read more about the game like Annabelle.  So, the more interesting point is the addition of grandpa with the grandma. She has a company with her now.  Users will wake up in the dangerous haunted house. You can tick on the extra looks, and nightmares music and can set the difficulty level.  The horror object can crawl the floor to haunt you.

Moreover, you can choose if you want to play with only grandma or also with grandpa. The difficulty level is also in your hand. You will have some tips. Days will be popped up on your screen. The home will have many rooms. You have to cross the rooms to escape from the house. But all of sudden, the horror grandpa will come in front of you. You can have some markers, and a toe menu list.


The detailed features are:

Horror visuals

The game can let you have some horror visuals with so many dark scenes. You can be afraid of playing in a dark room. The grandma and grandpa will appear on the screen but you cannot hear the voice of both. If they will crawl, you can hear the creaking sound.

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Grandpa and grandma

The game will have two main characters. They will have very sharp hearing senses, especially the grandma. They will capture you from any corner of the house. House is so big and will give you a haunted look. The grandpa can have a weapon, equipment, or any stick in his hand to hit him.

Different levels of the game

The game can have some different game levels. But the game developer will never impose any level on the player. You can choose easy, difficult, more and some levels are extremely difficult, by clicking the given button. However, this will give you some different modes of practice.

The intense audio

The game has some intense audio. Like you will have spooky sounds. Every vice will match the attacking mode by granny and pa. You can trap in the audio effects. However, this audio matching makes it more interesting.

Granny 2 Mod Features

The mod explanation is here!

Zero commercial

The game will give you no advertisement feature.

Survival for the first day

The game gives you first-day survival mode. You can learn slowly.

Unlimited features

The game will give you some unlocked features. You can have unlimited numbers of fear attacks.

God mode

The game will give you a God mod that offers you to be alive for some exhausting days. But you have to play with a relaxed mind.

Better graphics

The mod version will give you better graphics to enjoy every moment.

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In the nutshell, Granny 2, has all the best features of the horror game. You can enjoy the effects with efficient sound and amazing graphics. Moreover, this can give you better effects while playing in the dark mode. You can get the thrilling effect by playing in a silent and dark room.

However, you have to escape from the intense corners of the room. Your granny can go crazy if you will do any special move. The house will be in a cold and alone place. Some people will get their heart at thrill. This is android supported and you will need a good internet connection.


Is it safe to have?

Yes, this is safe to have on your android device.

What is Granny’s second chapter?

This has grandpa too. That makes it a more engaging one.

Is it free of cost?

Yes, this is fully free it will never demand any penny.

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