Ground Digger Mod Apk v2.4.0 (Free Reward) Download 2023

Ground Digger Mod Apk

To explore the depth of the Earth, ground digger mod apk is one of the top-notch games. You can dig down to the depth of your planet to find some expensive items. You will have diamond stones, gold bars, gold coins, and many more precious things. Besides, you will need better resources for more digging so try to play efficiently for rapidly upgraded levels.

You have to control the digging. Users will require very sharp equipment to go down in the layer of the earth. This is not possible without cooperative and supportive team members. Players can go down to the junctions of the Earth’s layers. This can engage every player due to its easy interface. You can have it on android and iOS mobile phone devices.

Ground Digger Mod Apk

Apk Name Ground Digger
Package com.higames.grounddigger
Developer Homa
Size 80Mb
Version 2.4.0
Category Casual
Mode Single Player
Mod Features Free Reward
Android Requirement 5.1
Last Updated Mar 9, 2023

Ground Digger Gameplay

The game will give you very aesthetic visuals. You will have different power levels, fuel tank rates, some combos, and some sizes of drills for digging.  The machinery will be at the backside. You will start digging and move down and down till the water layers. The main task is to go to the deepest level. Then the machine will move back to the earth’s surface.

Because the rest is important too. Then again the machine will go down and start digging. Frequent drill rests are imp to save it from burn. You will have some bots too. The earth’s layer will have some stones, gold, coins, and many costly and rare hidden items. That will let you earn many points, money, and bots. Some companies will also assist you to do your work.

Apk Features

A detailed description of the features is here!

Find hidden mysteries

You will have some hidden items to find under the layers of the earth. Users will experience the engineer’s feelings. You can tell yourself that you can dig and earn on the game with a passion to get the reward.

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Valuable items

The game will let you have some valuable items. Those are laying in the layers of the earth. You can earn millions by finding those. Different items will have different specialties. Every item will have a special characteristic.

Special equipment

You have to purchase the best digger in this mod apk to be in the deeper layer rapidly. This can be checked by a bar of progress. When the power is low or high the machine will be unable to dig properly. So you have to collect each thing even though soil parts too to get more energy for the running of the machine.

Ground Digger Mod Features

The detail of mod features is here!

Unlimited features

The mod version has unlimited exciting features without any charges.

No commercial

Your game will never have any advertisements.

Unlimited Money

The game’s new mod has very unlimited money as a reward for players.

Very fewer bugs

The new game mod has very less bugs, major ones are fixed by the developers.

In the nutshell, ground digger mod apk has all the interesting features of the exploration of the land. It will let you dig inside the deep layers to see what is in it. You have to extract that item to get money and many gold coins. You will have more urge to dig more by getting the maximum energy that is only available by having more precious earth items.

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Audio Effects

You will get realistic audio effects and the best graphics. So that you can find a true digging method. It can have some challenging tracts but you have to move strategically to get more diamonds and gold. You can have it from this website to enjoy all the mod features. This will need a good internet connection.


Is every machine free?

Yes, this is free to have.

Is it safe to play?

Yes, your private data will be protected.

Can I have it on PC?

No, you cannot have this on Pc.

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