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Meditate and sleep soundly. Headspace is your guide to practicing mindfulness in your everyday life. Learn how to relax, manage stress, and focus your energy to become more centered and well rested. Create a calm and positive environment with Headspace.
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Headspace Mod APK is a meditation app which includes many calm and relaxed music. Today, life is very fast. There are different challenges and troubles which people face in their daily lives.

These life Challenges often disrupt the proper functioning of our mood swings. These are the main causes of anger, aggression, sadness and depression. It is recommended to walk and exercise to get mental peace and soothing, but sometimes it’s not possible for most people.

About Headspace Mod Apk

Meditation is considered as a great mind relaxer. There are some people who make your mind relax by speaking of imaginative sceneries. There are many natural sounds too in which people love to relax their minds and they are soulful.

As music is considered as a mind relaxer and stress reliever, there is also much music available. But if you have a single app for meditation purpose which includes a lot of music of nature sounds then? Yes, there are many such apps. Among these, headspace Mod APK is one of them and the most popular one.

These include music of birds chirping, rain falling, and many other sounds of nature that are a source of pleasure for our mind. Thus to relax yourself for a while, you can use this app to have a fresh tension free mind.

Headspace APK is a free meditation app. This helps you to give relief to your mind. There are different types of tensions nowadays. To get rid of these, this app is perfect for you. This gives you a perfect imaginary view while listening to its mesmerizing natural sounds.

This app is not a total cure for your illness or stress but yes, for a while, you totally become tension free. So this is considered as the great meditation app to relax your mind. You can Play different music of nature according to your liking and mood.

This app has many features. It also schedules your meditation time on your most busy day. That’s the perfect feature of this app. This is the mod version of headspace APK. This version provides you with many unlocked music and Features.

You have a lot of Options for this version. There are many options that you want to explore but they are locked in the real version. If you can’t pay then you can use this mod version to get the unlocked premium features for free.

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Features Of Headspace Mod Apk

Good Health and State of Mind

With the help of this app, you get different music and sounds. After listening to them, you have a relaxed mind and good state of mind. As we know that a healthy body needs a healthy mind then you can work properly and attentively after having good mental health.

Sounds and Musics

There is a variety of different music and sounds. These are natural sounds. They include chirping of birds, rain falling, air sounds and many others. These sounds relax your minds to another level.

Schedule your Meditation

Time If you have a busy schedule then this app schedules your meditation time in your busy routine. Daily meditation is best. So it makes time in your daily routine by suggesting you proper time to have it.

Healthy Workouts

There are many healthy workouts in this app. They require no tools and machines. This includes yoga with soothing music and sounds. This gives you a perfect state of mind and body relaxation.

Good Sleep

For a good and peaceful sleep, you have to use the sleep mode of this app. While listening to this night mode, you get a peaceful and relaxed sleepy mind. This improves your sleep.

Anxiety Killer

As this app reduces the stress of your mind, you get a good mental health which then reduces the anxiety. You can work properly with a lot of passion and motivation without being worried and stressed.

Learn about Meditation

This app also offers many courses which make you learn about mental health and meditation. There are also different duration courses. This improves your routine and interest to do work.

Ads Free Headspace Mod Apk

To have a perfect meditation without ads disturbance, a mod version is the best option. These ads are a cause of disturbance when you are trying to focus somewhere else. So you can use this version to get rid of such ads.

Free Sounds

There are many free sounds available in this version. These are unlocked in this version. Now you can listen to your favorite music without paying for the locked sounds. This version has everything Free.

Headspace Apk with Free Features

There are also many other features which are unlocked and free. Many sounds, courses and guidance rules are available to get benefits.

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Subscribed Version

In this version, you don’t have to subscribe to different courses, advice and sounds as it is already available for free. This mod version is a subscribed Version of headspace. You don’t have to pay or subscribe to get benefits.


To kill the stress and anxieties of today’s world, you have to give yourself time to strengthen your mind. Thus headspace APK is the best app you can have. This app not only meditates you but also suggests you many courses and guidelines.

Thus you can have a peaceful and healthy mindset and routine with this perfect meditation app. Try this out and suggest to your nearby to get benefits from it.


Is Headspace free to download?

Yes this app is totally free to download. There is no paid thing. You can simply download it from your Google play store and use it for fighting with your anxiety and stress.

Does Headspace Mod APK have many unlocked subscriptions?

Yes, this version has many Subscriptions and unlocked features. You enjoy and relax your mind without paying and spending money. This is free of cost.


What's new

A steady meditation practice can calm the mind. But sometimes a bug appears in the app and it distracts us. We removed that bug from this latest version, and we already feel more at ease.

If you run into any trouble, let us know at [email protected]


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