How to get Minecraft for free on iPhone?

Minecraft for free on iPhone

Users will love to know how to get Minecraft for free on iPhone. In the routine, you are not able to have some applications directly from the app store. Those will need to download from a third-party source like Safari. Users will like to do something with the 3D blocks of Minecraft. You can collect the item by exploration.

The app store will never let you have this application for free. This will charge you 6.99 dollars. But this webpage will give you a link to download this without paying any charges.

How you can get Minecraft for free on iPhone?

You can use the non-jailbreak or jailbreak methods. Here are the full step-by-step guidelines to have this!

  • Got and click the icon of the app store.
  • Search the “Minecraft pocket”.
  • The next step is to click the game icon and have little money in your account to pay for this application. It will charge almost 7 dollars.
  • If it will ask you to enter the Apple password
  • Then the game will start to download on your smartphone.
  • The last step is to launch the application.
  • And start playing by having enjoyment.

Another step to download for free

Another way to get free Minecraft is:

  • Please sign up at Microsoft Azure.
  • But you can have access to this for a little time.
  • After signing up you need to enter the payment information only.

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So, you can have popular and famous games on your device. Every time please try to download from safe websites. Otherwise, it will stake your privacy. This technique can demand some jailbreaking methods to avoid form dangerous malware to be downloaded on your device through these websites.

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