Modern Warplanes Mod Apk v1.20.1 (Planes Unlocked) Free 2023

Modern Warplanes Mod Apk

Since PUBG and COD, everyone’s favourite video games are shooting games. An android game called Modern Warplanes Mod APK features beautiful visuals and audio. Also, it’s a captivating game that won’t get old quickly. Hence, you won’t get even the slightest amount of boredom when playing it all day long and finishing the survival levels. 

You’ll undoubtedly enjoy this game if you enjoy military aircraft. This is certain to be a hit with enthusiasts of aeroplanes, with over 10 million downloads. You will engage in combat using the world’s top military aircraft in this game. Of course, you’ll also encounter foes who possess superior abilities and aircraft that are similarly advanced. 

Nevertheless, this isn’t your typical aeroplane fighting game; it’s far more challenging in a good way. A variety of aeroplane games, particularly simulation games, are available. However, in this game, battling is the main focus. The final fight to the death will take place here, pitting you against the world’s top players.

Modern Warplanes Mod Apk

You enter the realm of modern supersonic jet fighters used by the major air forces with this game. Join tens of thousands of other aces from around the globe in the final battle for air dominance. On a huge variety of aircraft, dogfight aeronautics is particularly fascinating. The sound of combat is raging! Commander, unfurl your metal wings and join the battle. 

Fight on the newest and most powerful navy planes as well as early versions of the main air force’s aircraft. The current game offers a fighter jet shooter with lots of bright movement. Take off from the provider to meet a squadron of special operations aircraft in the sky and engage in both group and single-action warfare. Our game offers multiplayer modes, a solo campaign with various high-gun objectives, a Headquarters raid, and survival. 

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How to Download

The following are the procedures that must be taken in order to purchase this game:

  • Access unidentified sources
  • Click the downloaded file
  • Wait until the download is complete 
  • Then click the downloaded file to allow the installation 
  • And then launch the game after the installation is complete

Modern Warplanes Apk Features

The game possesses the following features.

Superb visuals

Similar to those in PC wargames, with fully-featured 3d realistic models of metal fighters and breathtaking visual effects.

Online PvP wargame

Battle against players from around the world, including the US, UK, Germany, Russia, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey, Pakistan, and others.

Lots of aircraft

More than 37 different types of air drive aircraft, including five sixth-generation high-gun fighter prototypes capable of virtually doing spaceship aerobatics (such as the X-wing or tie-fighter).

Prepare your aircraft

More than 40 high-altitude weapons can be mounted on wings, including lasers, warm-up flares, machine guns, rockets, and missiles. Prepare your warplane, then take off quickly.

Upgrade your aircraft

Use the epic to enhance the system to improve your aircraft’s armour, wings, speed, damage, reload time, and other features. Become the best dogfight pilot you can be.


Beautiful locations include mountains, sweltering deserts, and frozen wastelands that are filled with supersonic planes, missiles, and metal bullets.


Shoot without restrictions because the battle game is completely powerless. Play every day to earn incredible incentives that will help you expand and improve your plane hangar. 

Easy controls

You can control the speed, metal wings, rockets, high weaponry, and warmth flares. Perform landings and takeoffs from the provider, then transform into an awesome high-gun pilot.

Mod Features

The modified version of this game has the following features

Free Purchasing

While playing the mod version, you will take advantage of free shopping. You can take advantage of free interactive gaming.

Free Ads

Distracting advertisements are absent from the game’s modified edition. You may enjoy games without being bothered by intrusive advertisements.

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Final Verdicts

It is one of GD Company’s top creations in this generation of online gaming. The updated version of this game is much more fun, and it’s available below under the name Modern Warplanes Mod APK. Because it was made for people of all ages, you may play it with your entire family and increase the fun. Thus, download it right away for free to experience all of its modes at once. For any queries, you can ask us in the comment section below.

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