How to Post a YouTube Video on Twitter

Post a YouTube Video on Twitter

The strong media accounts are Twitter and YouTube. Do you have to be curious about “how to post a YouTube video on Twitter”? You can connect those in simple steps. Because Twitter made it easy to share your videos. Ultimately this will engage more people with you. Because statistical analysis of Twitter is very positive and strong to bring the customers.

Moreover, you can retweet videos too. This is the easy method to grow your network. But you have to be familiar with the methods. There are two ways to share. This technique will help to grow your business through the social media presence and getting more likes, and reviews by the persons. You will enjoy the success of your startup or existing business.

Steps to post a YouTube account on Twitter

There are two ways to share the YouTube video on Twitter.

Step 1: Go to the YouTube video that you like to share. Click the share option at the lower side of the YouTube video. Then click Twitter, or you can copy the videos’ link. Then you have to log in to the Twitter account. Paste the copied link from YouTube. Then click tweet. The video will be posted for your feed.

Step 2: click the share button, then click the Twitter icon on the window of share. It will automatically be connected to twitter. You will see the title of the video with the word via YouTube. If you want to write any message you can type too. The last step is to click the tweet and the video will be shared on your timeline.

Some specifications of the video are very important. Like the minimum resolution should be 32*32. The minimum period is 0.5 seconds and the maximum time is 140 seconds. Twitter allows to share the size is 512 MB. The rate of the frame is 40 fps. Twitter supports the format of mp4 with H26 format.

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Why sharing on Twitter is important?

The statistical analysis shows that 8 out of 10 people used Twitter on their smartphones, and most of them watched the news, entertainment content, and some viral videos. It also has video commercials that will get you some money too. People love to retweet videos. This is the mega platform to have better followers. You can save the cost of marketing via proper sharing of content on Twitter.

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