Swordigo Mod Apk v1.4.5 (Unlimited Coinds) For Android 2023

swordigo mod apk

Over ten million individuals have downloaded Touch Foo’s action-packed adventure game Swordigo Mod APK from the Google Play store. We offer a game with fantastic features like limitless jewels. This game offers a pleasant, distinctive nature, as well as a beat sound. And you’ll adore it. Also, there are millions of downloads of this game in the Play Store. 

Moreover, during this, some thieves stole the sacred tree’s fabled Incredibles eggs. The holy tree is now in poor condition, and the Incredibles have dispersed over the globe. To resurrect the sacred tree, you must gather every egg and be Incredible. Finish levels, engage bandits, track down escaped eggs, and feed them for your benefit in the levels.

It offers food, elixir, and Soul Shards. Without bothering about the price or running out of gems, you can purchase anything from the store. The game’s primary resource is its gems. If you have gems, you can purchase anything, including tickets, meals, costumes, characters, and so on. The game is all about adventure, therefore if you enjoy playing adventure games, you should try it.

Swordigo Mod APK

Here, the fabled incredible eggs from the sacred tree were stolen by some thieves during this time. The Incredibles are no longer gathered together, and the spiritual tree is currently in poor condition. You must gather each egg and Incredible in order to revive the holy tree. Complete levels, deal with bandits, find freed eggs, and nourish them to advance through the levels.

Moreover, you can purchase groceries, liquor, and soul shards there. You don’t have to worry about the cost or getting out of gems to buy any item from the store. Gems are the main resource in the game. If you own gems, you can buy anything, such as passes, meals, outfits, and characters. The game revolves around adventure, so give it a shot if you like playing those kinds of games.

How to Download this game?

The steps that must be followed in order to acquire this game are as described in the following:

  • Press the download link
  • Then wait until it has done downloading
  • Click the downloaded file
  • Access unidentified sources
  • Permit the file to install
  • After the file has been installed, start the game

Swordigo APK Features

The features this game possesses are as follows.

Amazing Food

Soul Feeding the Amazing requires shards. After that happens, you can use them in the conflict. For previous bronze, eggs can become silver eggs through the use of silver elixir, while silver eggs can become golden eggs through the use of golden elixir. In this game, nutrition and potions are vital.

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Graphics and Sound

Surprisingly, 2D visuals were used to construct the game. Due to its horizontal PS1-style design, it lacks the realistic and colorful graphics of today’s top titles. Contrarily, the graphics in this game have been made to be relatively attractive, the colors are lovely, and the brightness is suitable for each gaming scenario.

Unlock Character and Outfit

There are four characters, and they all wear amazing outfits. But the price is so steep. Be at ease. These are offered without cost to you. All characters and outfits are available. Also, each character and outfit are unique and has incredible strength and powers.

Mod Features

The mod version of this game has the following features.

Limitless Gems

The mod version of this game has an unlimited number of gems that would help you level up your game.


The mod version is free from ads. You can enjoy this game without any distractions from advertisements.

Unlimited Characters

The mod version of this game has limitless characters and outfits for free. You can customize outfits for free.

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Final Verdicts

The game immerses you in an adventurous setting where anything and anything is possible. You will get to set out on a quest in which you’ll need to beat every potential foe and emerge as the lone warrior. Also, it is offered to the player at zero cost, and via its addictive gameplay, it guarantees to keep you captivated. If the user chooses the modified variant of the game, he or she will benefit from being able to play the complete game from the start at their discretion.

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