How To Unblock Someone On The Cash App?

Unblock Someone On The Cash App

The cash app is a well-known app in the United States and the United Kingdom. By using this app, you can make money transactions from your phone. The app makes it very convenient for a person to send or receive money in just one go.  It is a way of digital banking; people are using it freely to make cash regarding remittances. You can easily unblock someone on the cash app.

Unlike other apps, you can also block the person you do not need or want from your cash app account. This app shows concern for your privacy and helps you in doing so. It is quite easy to block or unblock someone from the app. Read this blog to get the answers.

Is it possible to block people on cash app?

Yes, it is possible to block someone from the cash app. Visit the activity tab on your cash app account. Tap on the name you to block. Go down on their name device. Here you will see the “block” option, so click on that to block the person you do not want in your feed.

However, your question is how to unblock someone on the cash app. So, in that regard, continue reading this blog to get an answer to your question.

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How to Unblock Someone on the cash app

After blocking someone from your account so in any case if you want to transact money with them then you have to unblock them from your cash app account. Unblocking is the only way from which you can receive or send money to that person. So, the steps to unblock are written below in a detailed manner.

Step No 1: Sign in to Your Cash App account

Go to an application installed on your device. Login to your account as you did earlier.

Step No 2: Open History on the app

The second step is to go to the transaction history. Here, you will get all the information about your previous transactions and also the people you interacted with.

Step No 3: Search for the person you are willing to unblock

Here you will see all the persons you have blocked from your account. Now search for that one you want to unblock.

Step No 4: Click on Unblock

First click on the 3 dots you are seeing on the menu. Go to the unblock option for that individual. And tap on unblock. In case it does not work so then go for customer support.

Step No 5: Start Making Transactions

After unblocking that individual, now you can make transactions of money with them without any hesitation.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this write-up gives you an answer to your question about how to unblock someone from the cash app account. This app helps you in blocking someone who is harassing you and you can also unblock the person you are willing to make money transactions with. By following the method written above you are able to unblock someone you wish for.

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