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Aug 26, 2022
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The world has made a lot of progress in bringing new technology to the people. People love the idea of progressive technological pace where every wonderful thing is possible. We have the emergence and the evolution of the internet by the time. Millions of mobile applications came into being and YouTube Vanced MOD APK was one of them.

It is a video streaming application, available for free that has the best features ever. YouTube has so many other versions that offer many other features. And they have been developed to provide convenience to the users. With the launch of YouTube Music, there is a new app called YouTube Vanced MOD APK. Vanced is a short form of word advanced and the purpose of launching. This app is to provide something more advanced and efficient.

It has been launched on a certain motive that we want to disclose to you in this entire article. As you know it is impossible to play the YouTube videos when you are close to the YouTube applications. You can only play the video when you have kept the application turned on. But YouTube Vanced Mod APK has a great feature. You May Like VidMix Mod Apk.

With which you can play the videos after getting out of the YouTube application and using any other application. There are so many other things we should talk about regarding YouTube Vanced Mod APK, so let’s move forward and get all the updated information.

About YouTube Vanced APK

YouTube Vanced APK is a premium application launched by YouTube that has some extra features as compared to the original version. You can play the videos in picture mode and also play them outside the YouTube application. With the help of this application you can also play free music. Turn on the dark mode, download the YouTube videos and adjust the brightness with your fingertips.

It has so many good features and improved user interface that gives a good feel and best video streaming experience to the viewers. This application offers all of the premium features for free so the users never have to worry. About paying any subscription charges to get rid of ads.

Features Of YouTube Vanced Mod APK

YouTube Vanced Mod APK is an application. Which came into being with a simple modification in the original YouTube Vanced app. This version provides any feature for free and absolutely no subscription charges. There are no in-app purchases too in this application.

Which is why it is consider to be a good one. YouTube Vanced restricts all the disturbing and annoying ads for the users so they could have the best streaming experience. Also, if you do not like the white screen of the YouTube app. You can turn it into black by applying the dark mode which is 100% built-in.

Play Videos in Background

This is the first and most perfect feature of this application so far. It had to be mentioned at the first because it surely is a great feature. You can now play the YouTube videos in the background without having to keep the YouTube application on anymore.

It is something that has been possible now after so long and users are equally thrilled. If you are playing a game, trying something on a notepad, or using Google. You can just play your favorite music video and move to your next app. Your YouTube video will never stop running by doing so, and this is the best thing YouTube Vanced has to offer.

Improved User Experience

The user experience has been improv for the users and the developers have taken it to the next level. They have made the approach and whole scenario even better so that the users can enjoy it to the fullest.

Simple Search Button

This app has a simple search button that provides all the options to search for your particular video or artist. This search button can be seen on the top where you can click and then type anything in the search bar that you want to watch. You May Like VLC Media Player Mod Apk.

Play Videos in High Quality

The videos in this app can be play in better and higher quality. Nobody has to worry about the type of internet connection they have because this app will provide the best quality videos no matter what. All you have to do is set the video streaming quality according and then watch freely.

Wide Variety of Videos

There is a big range of videos that you can play on YouTube Vanced. Just like YouTube original gas the videos of various types such as movies, tv shows, short films, ad films, music videos and so many other types of videos, the YouTube Vanced also contains all of those videos.

What you have to do is just search for the video or play from the suggestions given in your feed. In this way you can see how large the variety of YouTube videos is and you can access any of them available over there.

Set Playback

Speed Just like youtube, you can also set the YouTube videos playback speed as per your preferences. Sometimes the videos are a bit faster or slower on the normal setting which annoys the users to a large extent. We have a solution for you in this case which you can easily avail.

All you have to do is open the setting of that video and simply choose the options of 0.x or 0.25x for slowing down the speed of video. Or, you can also set the speed to 1x, 1.5x or 2x to increase the speed of the video to any limit you want.

Zoom In Option

The zoom in option is available too in case you want to zoom into the videos you are watching. It is a very convenient feature that can help you zoom into your favorite videos and get to see the minor details easily. It can zoom your videos up to a large extent, which is quite cool.

Automatic Loop There is an automatic loop feature as well with the help of which you can play the same video on repeat. It allows you to play the same video repeatedly without even having to click on several options again and again.


This YouTube Vanced APK has a feature in which you can set the theme in your application. There are two types of themes in particular; one is a brighter one and the other one is darker one. If you are so done with the bright light and you want to switch to a dimmer and more peaceful theme, then dark mode is perfect for you. It won’t hurt your eyes and you will have a very comfortable experience with watching videos.

Adjust Brightness

You can now adjust the brightness of your videos by just using your finger. The option will be invisible though but you can just slide your finger up or down on the left side of the video screen to lower or increase the brightness of the video. It is such a cool feature that users have been loving recently.

Adjust Volume

In the same way you can also adjust the volume of your video by sliding your finger up or down on the right side of your video screen.

Highest Streaming

Resolution For the first time in any video streaming platform, the YouTube Vanced Mod APK has provided the highest video streaming resolution for it’s videos. It means that users can now watch videos up to 4K resolution which is so clear and fine. It signifies that the users who like to watch the best quality videos, then CNA just avail this optio and make their video streaming experience even better.

Create Local Playlist

You can also create a local playlist for yourself with the videos you want to watch later. It happens a number of times that we see a certain video on YouTube but we do not have the time to watch them immediately.

That is why this feature has been given to the users to give them a better user experience. Now all the users can save their videos to watch later in this type of playlist. It will help them never lose the videos and watch them any time they want. No doubt many users have found this feature highly appreciable.

Save Search and Play History

You can also save your play history as well as the search history in this application. You would have searched some videos with particular turtles that you want to watch again, and thus you will be able to see the search history to know the title again.

In the same way you can check the play history too in order to rewatch a particular video. This feature is great if you have children at home who access YouTube. You will be able to keep an eye on your children’s YouTube watch history with the help of this amazing feature.

Download Videos

You can also download the videos in this application and save them for offline streaming. It is the best feature for those people who do not have a stable internet connection and want to watch video with peace. They can just use this option and see how wonderfully it works for them.

Skip Videos

You just need to open the video, see the download button and click on it. The videos will be download and save in a playlist named as “Downloads” so you can access them when your internet connection is gone. You can also skip the videos easily and move to the next one. If you have play a video you don’t want to watch, then just click on the skip button and a new video will be play for it so you won’t have to go back and search for a new video to play.

24/7 Free Usage

There is no limit when it comes to making use of YouTube Vanced Mod APK. You will be allow to stream video 24/7 for free without worrying about buying any subscription. It is a simple yet very effective thing about this app that you do not have to think about paying any charges for the lifetime because this app is providing free video streaming 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Anti-ban Feature

This app comes with a safe anti-ban feature which has been launch to save you from getting banned while using this app. It is very common that users who get to use the mod versions of the games and apps are often banned from using those apps.

To fix this error, YouTube Vanced Mod APK introduced an anti-ban feature which is highly effective. You will be able to use this app for a lifetime and you won’t get banned at all. It is obviously the safest thing offer by this application.

No Subscription Required

You do not need to buy any subscription to use this application. All the in-app purchase are absolutely not require with this version of the YouTube Vanced. It is an advanced application as per its name, so the users are always welcome to use this app but they never have to buy any subscriptions to avail the premium features.

Blocked Advertisements

The annoying ads that you particularly see in different types of videos are bane once you download YouTube Vanced Mod APK and watch your favorite videos. The apps usually charge to remove those ads. That’s why this application is a brilliant example of entertainment with convenience. If you are also just so done with the ads, then switch to YouTube Vanced APK and get rid of that bad video streaming experience.


Play Videos in background Premium quality videos Higher streaming resolution Blocked adsNo in-app purchases Free Dark mode Adjust brightness and volume with one finger Automatic video loop Anti-ban


Might get slower


The YouTube Vanced Mod APK is surely a great app to give a try and use regularly. If you want some more features of YouTube for free, then this app is going to be a perfect choice for you. It is such a pleasant application that will allow you to listen to your favorite songs by using some other app on your phone.

We hope you have downloaded this app up till now and are exploring every bit of it. We would love to have your best feedback regarding this app in the comment section given below. Please take out some time and write back to us so we know how you feel about this app.


Q. What is the most special feature in YouTube Vanced Mod APK?

The most special feature in YouTube Vanced Mod APK is that it allows you to play videos outside the YouTube app. So if you want to play a game while listening to a song on youtube, you can do it now.

Q. Is YouTube Vanced Mod APK safe to download?

Yes, YouTube Vanced Mod APK is absolutely safe to download and you never have to worry about my security threats attacking your phone’s private data


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